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Save the date for 2019 Larval Fish Conference!

30/04/2018 17:45
Dear all, next June, at the 2018 LFC in Canada, we'll be asking for potential session topics/organizers for the 2019 LFC (Palma). If you're interested, start thinking on it!!!!

New Paper in Marine Pollution Bulletin

22/01/2018 15:18
Dr. Pablo Arechavala-Lopez, member of the Fish Ecology Lab at IMEDEA just publiseh a NEW and VERY relevant paper about the adaptation of Octopus vulgaris to different coastal environments. For more information : Sillero-Rios, J.; Sureda, A.; Capó, X.; Oliver-Codorniú, M.; Arechavala-Lopez, P....

2019: Early Life History Section of the AFS annual conference in Mallorca!

27/12/2017 23:16
Get ready for the 2019 edition of the ELH in Mallorca, co-organized by IMEDEA and IEO...more info along 2018

TV show on CERES project and dolphinfish (in Catalan)

18/10/2017 09:51
Ignacio Catalán explains the CERES project and how climate change may affect dolphinfish in the Mediterranean

Science Uncovered 2017

28/09/2017 12:26
This Friday, at the Natural History Museum of London @NHM_London, our partner Andrea Campos-Candela will present a monologue titled "Shyness under the sea". The entrance will be free and all the people who want to attend the event are invited. #EuropeanResearchersNight; #HallofFameLab; #SU2017. For...

PhD defense!

27/09/2017 11:00
Carlos Díaz Gil became a new PhD yesterday after succesfully defended his thesis entitled: Settlement and Recruitment Processes in Fish Species of Interes for Recreational Fisheries; at the Univerity of the Balearic Islands within the Fishecology Group from IMEDEA. Here a graphic and written...

Congratulations Mario!

07/07/2017 15:46
Mario Minguito has just successfully presented his master thesis dissertation with an outstanding score (9.9). here you are a summary of his work at IMEDEA

Congratulations Andrea!

12/06/2017 13:18
FILAMO project ( is funding Andrea Campos-Candela to carry out a stage at the University of Bergen. FILAMO supports PhD student exchange within the field of aquatic and marine science to foster cross-methodological research and learning. Andrea Campos-Candela will meet Dr....

Congratulations Clara!

12/06/2017 10:31
Clara Obregon has just successfully applied to a PhD post on the study of “Biological, social and economic values of fishing in Western Australia” at Murdoch University (Australia). She collaborated with the Fish Ecology Group in a research project on the small-scale fishery at the Balearic Islands...

New Paper in Marine Biology

25/05/2017 16:25
We have published a new paper using Stereo Baited cameras to estimate not only abundances but also size distribution of recently settled fish in seagrass meadows. Enjoy the paper at: Picture of the bait attracting the attention of...