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New Paper in Marine Biology

25/05/2017 16:25
We have published a new paper using Stereo Baited cameras to estimate not only abundances but also size distribution of recently settled fish in seagrass meadows. Enjoy the paper at: Picture of the bait attracting the attention of...


17/03/2017 12:27
Two Marie-Curie Fellows were awarded to Andrés Ospina and Marija Sciberras. They will start working next january on the two follwing projects: 1) Dolphinfish living in a warming ocean: How global climate change is reshaping the distribution, physiology and behaviour of marine migratory species and...

New paper in MERE!

11/01/2017 12:16
New paper published! how do juvenile fish react to sunscreen pollutants? 

SUB-EYE: Underwater Observatory!

30/11/2016 09:32
Have a look into the sea! Our underwater observatory is now online!

New paper in JEMBE!

17/10/2016 10:06
Behavioural response to detection of chemical stimuli of predation, feeding and schooling in a juvenile fish

New paper in Fish and Fisheries

11/08/2016 09:14
Lowerre-Barbieri, S.; DeCelles, G.; Pepin, P.; Catalan, I.A.; Muhling, B.; Erisman, B.; Cadrin, S. X.; Alós, J.; Ospina-Alvarez, A.; Stachura, M. M.; Tringali, M.; Burnsed, S.W.; Paris, C.B.; Reproductive resilience: a paradigm shift in understanding spawner-recruit systems in exploited marine...

New Special Issue fron the IOS 2014: Fish Otoliths as Indicators in Ecosystem Based Management

17/06/2016 10:55
The new Special Issue on the Successful 2014 International Otolith Symposium is now available here

Even smaller fish! The effects of fishing on their size

09/06/2016 17:50
We share our experiences in a public social media from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)  Link to the blog (in spanish!)  Which is related with the FAMELAB monologue that Andrea Campos Candela presented with some fish interesting facts! You can watch it here or...

New online camera in the water!

08/02/2016 16:54
On Friday, February 5, we successfully connected our second online cabled underwater video-camera. Soon on streaming!

H2020 CERES Kickoff Meeting!

08/02/2016 16:53
The new H2020 CERES project will kickoff in Palma, 6-8April 2016